Pete Foley Innovation

Innovation Based on Behavioral Science

Innovation based on Behavioral Science

I am a consultant focused on catalyzing and supporting Innovation for Retail, Hospitality, Product Design, Branding and Marketing. I bring 25 years experience as a serial innovator and internal consultant at P&G. This includes extensive practical experience in successfully applying insights from consumer and shopper psychology, behavioral economics, cognitive and evolutionary psychology, perceptual science, and behavioral design to solve challenging business problems.  I have experience in a wide range of businesses including retail, hospitality, consumer goods, fashion and beauty care, financial services, insights and consumer research design, and non profits.  

This breath of experience allows me to bring not just industry best insights to support growth via innovation, disruption, and problem solving.  As an experienced, “T-Shaped” innovator, I am also able to help find surprisingly obvious insights that go beyond best in class industry strategies, by reapplying and adapting proven insights and solutions from a wide range of different, initially non obvious, but surprisingly applicable sources.  

  • Optimized consumer facing design for retail and hospitality, leveraging insights from behavioral economics, behavioral design, and the science of visual attention and human decision making.
  • Systematic innovation for communication and product, package and service design leveraging analogy and the psychology of creativity  
  • Optimized Design Thinking workshops that leverage applied psychology and that tap into both conscious and unconscious consumer desires and feedback.
  • Capability Workshops.  Bringing the science of Behavioral Economics, Shopper Psychology, Behavioral Design, Perceptual Science and Applied Psychology into you organization.