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Behavioral Retail and Hospitality Audits

How customers really see, feel, or touch the world is often quite different to what we intuitively believe.  And how they make retail decisions often has a large unconscious, emotional component.  By looking through the lenses of Behavioral & Perceptual Science, and by applying insights from Behavioral Economics, we can create more compelling customer experiences that simply make it easier for them to find and buy what they want and need.

Innovation Workshops, Education, Keynotes

Taking Design Thinking to the next level.  We create Innovation workshops that design surprisingly obvious, "wow" products and services that are tuned to both the thinking and 'unthinking' decisions of consumers.  Or, do you want to stimulate new ways of thinking, or build capability within your organization in areas like consumer psychology, the science of Innovation, applied behavioral economics, shopper psychology or design inspired by perceptual and visual science?  We have informative and inspirational talks that we can customize to your specific needs.