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Fake Food Features

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 6:50 PM
Below is a link to a great  article on fake transparency, and how it can create absurd product features such as gluten free, non GMO, organic water.  But it also calls out a more subtle, but more misleading aspect of fake features.  Gluten free water may be downright silly, but some of the other fake claims are harder to spot.  For example, as the article states, federal regulation requires that hormones not be used in pork or poultry.  However, it is all too common to see chicken or turkey advertised as “hormone-free”, and premium priced accordingly. And people pay extra for the premium product because they believe what they are getting is healthier. And that is not unreasonable, as shoppers cannot be expected to know Federal food regulations in detail. It would be great to see retail giants like Amazon, Walmart and Kroger/Alibaba own this, and bring real transparency to the marketplace, and protect their customers from abuse of asymmetric information

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