Pete Foley Innovation

Innovation Based on Behavioral Science


Pete Foley is a 25 year P&G veteran who has spent the last 10+ years applying Behavioral Science to product, retail and hospitality design, innovation, and brand communication. This has included fascinating collaborations with thought leaders in fields such as innovation science, behavioral economics, consumer psychology, linguistics and perceptual science. He integrates fundamental insights from these fields with his practical knowledge of product design, innovation and consumer research to facilitate innovation in product and package design, retail design, communication, branding, consumer research and innovation culture: 

Prior to working on innovative and creative processes, Pete spent 17 years as a serial innovator, designing new and novel products, perfume delivery systems, cleaning technologies, enzymes, devices and a variety of consumer goods and packages. 

He is a dynamic public speaker, experienced workshop leader, co-author of scientific papers on visual science and the evolutionary psychology of beauty and attraction, and of 100+ granted or published patents that cover a wide range of technologies associated with the consumer goods industry.  He is an award winning writer and blogger, who has been voted a top 20 innovation blogger for the last 4 years.  He is also an exhibited artist, experienced photographer and an expert in Photoshop. 

Pete has a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from The University of Nottingham.  He also holds a BSc in Chemistry with minors in Economics and Mathematics, and an HNC in Business Studies and Accountancy. He has published and authored papers on topics as diverse as Perceptual Science, Behavioral Economics, and fMRI analysis.